Collaboration is so hot right now. Thanks to the power of the interwebs, and the emergence of communities designed to bring biz ladies together (like Roooar’s – Roooar Room community!), we’re more connected, sharing big ideas, and forming relationships that can lead to amazing things.

But there’s more to collaborating than deciding on a project. Being a great collaborator is a real skill, particularly as there are now so many opportunities to work with people and brands that don’t live in the same city, or even on the same continent. I’ve learned a ton about how to collaborate when writing and launching my book on introversion, Charge Up, and thought I would share some of the things that made my collaboration experience so successful.



 Pick your partner wisely

  • When you’re going to be working on a project with someone, it helps to have a partner with a somewhat opposite, but complimentary skill set. You need to feel like you’re both contributing something that brings equal value to the table.
  • Aside from skills, partner with someone who works in a similar way. Do you prefer emails, phone calls, working on weekends or shutting down at 3pm? Establishing how you both work early on establishes expectations for the rest of the project.
  • Get super clear on what you both want out of the project. Do you want notoriety, money, or connections? Getting this straight at the beginning makes decision making easier.

Resource well, and don’t try to do everything yourself.

  • Just because you’re collaborating, don’t try to do everything in house. Bring in additional resources who are better at things than you, particularly when it comes to editing. It’s impossible to read what you’ve written with any sense of impartiality.
  • When you’re bringing other people in on a project, make sure they are perfect for the job. Consultants and other contributors need to vibe well with the team you’re creating.

You’ll each feel the pull of resistance at different times – become each other’s cheerleader!

  • One of the best things about collaborating is that when you’re having an ‘is this even any good?’ moment, your partner can jump in and reassure you that yes, you are fabulous, people will like what you’re doing and you should definitely not throw in the towel!

Working with amazing people is one of the reason so many of us decided to become girl bosses, and collaboration offers some great opportunities to launch things that may not have been possible outside of a team environment. Do it well, and the sky’s the limit!

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