5 Things You Can Do When the Internet Goes Down


Disaster strikes when you run an online business and the internet goes down.

Just about everything in my business relies on the internet, my accounting, my project management systems & emails – to get work done I need an internet connection!

Whilst I could blow work off and hit the shops, sometimes you just need to get work done. Here are 5 things you can do to without the internet and still feel like you’re getting somewhere.

Write a Blog Post

My area is currently on no internet lock down I write this blog post, I took the opportunity to knock out my next article for ROOOAR Magazine and also wrote a few blog posts. I find the lack of internet is a great chance to nut out a few blog posts or start brain storming some ideas for future blog posts.

Clean Your Space

Time for a spring clean, file away those stray papers, give your desk and computer a wipe down. Good as new! It makes it super enticing to get you stuck back into work when the internet goes back online.

I don’t know about you but a clean desk works wonders for my productivity.

Get on the Phone

Do those follow up phone calls that you’ve been putting off forever. Whether it be ringing your accountant, the tax department or just following up on a sales enquiry. You don’t need an internet connection to tick off a few phone calls.

Visit a Cafe

Most cafe’s have the internet, so if you’re on deadline, head to your local with your laptop and grab a coffee to nut out those internet dependent tasks.

Getting out and about will also make it more pleasurable experience, plus the good coffee is a bonus.

Future Planning

Get to work writing some of your goals and plans for the future. If you’ve already done this, check in and see how you’re travelling.

Take some time to reassess and adjust the sails if need be.

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