5 Tips For Dealing With Work & School Holidays


As we all know, working from home has some pretty amazing PRO’S but it also has some hefty con’s too!
Don’t get me wrong I am not saying that school holidays are a bad thing I am just saying they definitely require a bit of “juggling”.

As a mother of two with a work from home business here are my 5 tips for dealing with work & school holidays:

Be Realistic

To keep yourself sane, it is best that you have realistic work expectations for the school holiday period. Obviously, you, will not be able to focus 100% work, therefore, you cannot expect to continue on the same workload. If possible, schedule projects around the holiday break so you aren’t constantly worrying about looming deadlines.


Organise with family and friends to have play-overs. So on one day per week your kid goes to their place and then the next you look after theirs. Swapsies.

This will allow you a nice window of time to smash out essential work (no Facebook allowed!)

Schedule Work Time & Play Time

Wear the kids out in the morning, I am talking hardcore playtime! Basically get them outside and moving and hopefully that will allow you to tackle a few things in the afternoon when they are slumped infront of a DVD. Set a specific time for the kids and commit 100% to that time and then let them know, later on is your time to get work done. Good luck with that!

Be Upfront

Let your clients know that you are juggling and be upfront about what you can and can’t get done for them. Most people are pretty understanding and appreciate the honesty.

Give in to Fun (sometimes)

Sometimes their cute faces just suck you right in and that is OK, being a mum is pretty awesome 93% of the time. So don’t forget to have fun, work will always be there but they will not always want to spend time with us and they will not always be this cute.

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