Roooar Magazine is a bi-monthly digital magazine dedicated to female entrepreneurs and women in business. The focus is inspiring and helping women succeed in the business world by providing useful information about running a business, inspiring stories about women who have succeeded and spiritual guidance to help you get through.

You’ll get ridiculously invaluable exposure to a huge readership of high-quality readers. Roooar Magazine is read by over 5,000 readers every month. And that number is growing.

Our readers are your ideal customers.

Ambitious, smart, ready to level up and invest in themselves and their empires. A Roooar reader is aged between 27 and 50, and they’re aching to soak up the smashing advice you’re ready to share.

Benefit from our authority capital. Because we only collaborate with people and businesses that fit within our Roooar vision and ethics, our readers have the utmost trust and respect for the people and product we promote.

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Women aged 26-50
Female Entrepreneurs, business owners or woman wanting to take the leap into business.
Forward thinkers
Creative individuals
Spiritually aware

Total Following: 11,000+ (combining social media, newsletter, and magazine subscribers)
Reaching: 65,000+ monthly (combining social media and website traffic)
We’ve had a 441% print circulation increase over the last few issues!
Statistics as of November  2017

ISSUE 22: The Money Issue

Launch September 2019
Ad Space Deadline 16 August 2019

ISSUE 23: Trailblazers Issue

Launch December 2019
Ad Space Deadline 22 November 2019

ISSUE 24: The Money Issue

Launch March 2020
Ad Space Deadline 21 February 2020

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