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Membership to the Roooar Room – our new hip as heck community – well, that’s downright spine-tinglingly stupendous. It’s like that club you could never get into (even when you were 20, cute, and it was before 10pm). Only these days it’s full of super smart girls, unleashing their wild ideas and whip-crackingly clever concepts.

It’s going to be THE place for business women to engage, learn and get support. The Magazine will light a bomb under your inspiration. The Roooar Room will connect you to the family you wish you’d known from the get

Hey there, I am Lauren.

Basically, I am just like you. Only I get overexcited about weird techy things and numbers give me a tingle.

I’m a business owning, strategy coaching, tech geeking, fur-baby parenting, kicker of derrieres. I’m an empire builder who helps other women build profitable, but still enjoyable, (I know, right?) businesses.

I’ve been a long time Roooar Room Member and leapt at the chance to take over the Roooar brand in early 2017. Wild beasts are my gig and helping Roooar evolve into something magnificent is what I was born to do.

When I’m not developing our luscious online home, I’m working with women as a Business Development Strategist.

My mission is to assist one million women to build authentic businesses with unbreakable foundations that support the lives they long for. My objective is to give women the power to be in control of their business and lives.

That’s one of the reasons I knew taking ownership of Roooar was a brilliant choice for me.

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Copy Consultant

Jay Crisp Crow is a writer squeezing joy from life in the Perth Hills with a scrumptious family.

She squandered her writing studies for over a decade in communications for private schools before an epiphany struck and she took her own gig on the road – and surprised herself by becoming a multi-award winning business woman. Jay mainly writes and edits copy for websites and branding (along with the odd chapter in a book and print magazine article), and also teaches women how to write their own smashing copy. For a lifetime Jay believed she wouldn’t be able to make a living as a writer. She is thoroughly enjoying disproving that prediction.

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From international scientist to shell shocked interviewee to confident businesswoman, Serena thrives on learning and levelling up to be the best version of herself. She is a wrangler, a lifelong learner, a scientist and a coach.

As a virtual business manager and wrangler, Serena helps business owners find direction, control and relief in an ocean of information, microtasks and muddiness.

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Demelza Leonard  

Social Media

Demelza Leonard is a Marketing Connoisseur, Media Presenter, Creative Thinker, Music Maven and Pop Culture Enthusiast.

Dedicated to seeing others succeed, Demelza uses her experience to help give business owners and freelancers the tools and knowledge needed to promote their brand, business or self successfully.

lorraine hamilton

Coaches Corner

Lorraine changes the way people think and feel so that their only option is forwards. She does this through her magical mindset wrangling. Her specialty is teaching her coaching magic to proven consultants and experts just like you, so you can create greater impact and influence. This results in your elevation to thought leader in your industry and attracting the opportunities that go with that.

Jay Crisp Crow

Cuppa Copy

You’ve already met Jay in the bio above but you can often find her hanging out on the back pages of Roooar magazine, when she’s not speaking and presenting on everything words and branded copy. She also advocates for not writing about yourself in the third person too much.

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