The Art of Luring Likers into Leads


Social Media is literally god’s gift to marketers. The uber popular platforms of Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube and Google+ allows us to segment, target and engage with our ideal customers in ways that we’ve never been able to before.We can build rapport, establish relationships, have global conversations and build a tribe of brand advocates without leaving our house.

But in saying this – we’re all hunting for the dollar – and although all of this engagement is fabulous, as female entrepreneurs, we are resource poor, so we need to make sure that everything we do has an impact on our bottom line! So how can we successfully leverage the relationships we’ve built online to increase our sales and get that dream house we’ve been saving madly for?

Well, we need to do 2 things:

Drive Our Likers to Our Website

It’s imperative that your loyal social media likers and followers know your business’ online hub, as social media platforms could be here today, and gone tomorrow – but you will always own your website. Also, your likers are already engaged in your brand, so every time a liker visits your website, you’ve attracted a qualified lead for your business, which has a higher propensity of converting into a sale for your business!

Get More Likes On Our List

Money is made on your list ladies! It’s one thing to get a qualified lead to your website, but to get a subscriber on your list means they are further along the purchasing funnel. The people on your list are a dedicated, captured group of qualified leads for your business who WANT to hear from you. They are engaged in your brand, know what you offer, and are more likely than not to purchase from you in the near future.

So how do you turn your raving fans into qualified leads?

Create & share seriously good content

Nothing drives qualified leads more to your website than seriously good content. As a general rule, your content should always be relevant to your ideal customer (no brainer!) ask a question, solve a problem, excite, entice, be humorous, be authentic, be ON BRAND, and encourage conversation.

To deliver this content, you need to choose the most relevant content vehicle – which could be a blog post, images, photos, infographics, videos, e-books, webinars etc. Whatever content vehicle you choose, you must remember to always (ALWAYS!) attribute your website URL in the content or in the post, that way you are giving yourself every opportunity to drive qualified leads to your site.


70% should add value to your brand by building brand recognition (creating shareable content)
20% should be sharing (& attributing) other people’s content
10% should be promotional (sell your products / services, and opt-in offer)


Customise your Tabs into conversion machines

Another way to convert more likers into leads, without drawing likers away from Facebook, is by optimising tabs to your Facebook page. You can easily add a ‘Book Now’ or ‘Subscribe’ tab to your Facebook Page by using Apps such as ‘WooBox’, ‘ShortStack’ or ‘Static HTML’. You can also use these tabs to promote new products/services and promotional giveaways!

Create & promote an irresistible opt-in for your list

To get more likers on your list, your number 1 job is to create a FREE tangible offer that your ideal customer can’t resist – this could be an ebook, mini e-course, helpful tools, or inspirational manifestos – whatever will get your ideal customer over the line.
Then you need to set up and promote your opt-in form for this irresistible offering to your engaged likers on social media (via posting and Apps), and watch the subscriptions roll in.

You can also encourage people to signup to your database on your website by placing your opt-in in your promo bar at the top of your website, widgets in sidebars and footers, and as a form at the end of blog posts – a good WordPress Plugin to help you with your opt-in boxes is ‘WPSubscribers’.

Optimise your Cover Image of your Facebook Page

Since Facebook has ever-so-kindly lifted the advertising restrictions on Facebook Page Cover Images, we are now allowed to use this space to promote our products and services – so what are you waiting for! You can use this space to promote your FREE offer opt-in, a promotional giveaway, your products & services – whatever you like! Just remember, once you’ve uploaded the image, go in and edit the description and add a call to action URL (for your website or database) to try and increase your conversions!

There you have it ladies – there’s four sure-fire tactics that really do work to lure your likers into leads! So what are you waiting for, pop these tactics in your marketing to-do-list today, and start converting more of your loveable likers into leads, and start growing your business today.

Paige Rowett is a Marketing Strategist & Workshop Training Facilitator and is passionate about working with entrepreneurs to kick some serious marketing goals. Paige specialises in Marketing Strategy, Website Strategy & Search Engine Optimisation

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