How to Become a Successful Business Woman

WRITTEN BY: Alex Williams


Cisco, Houzz, SlideShare – these are all names of globally famous brands founded by women. This proves that female entrepreneurs have become a powerful force in today’s hectic startup community. According to a recent research, about 20% of America’s business owners are women. However, being a female entrepreneur in a male-dominated business world is extremely challenging. In order to stay competitive, you need to have numerous strategies in mind. Here are the most important ones.


Today’s small business ecosystem evolves on a daily basis. As an entrepreneur, you cannot afford to be rooted to your present concerns or your previous accomplishments, while the world around you changes at a rapid pace. Instead of being focused on your day-to-day goals, you need to constantly keep an eye out for the future innovations. For instance, you should assess the market, analyze your target audience and study current trends in your niche. Only this way will you be able to keep up with the changes and predict the next big thing in your industry. Most importantly, you will manage to meet your customers’ needs and live up to their expectations.

Develop a Solid Digital Marketing Campaign

In today’s oversaturated startup community, it is customer satisfaction that drives conversion rates. To stand out from your competitors and establish a recognizable brand, you need to build a solid digital marketing strategy. First, you have to conduct a number of researches in order to understand who your target audience is and what it expects from your business. Then, you need to invest in some online marketing basics, such as a building a website optimized for mobile, running a blog, providing engaging content marketing, sharing it via social media channels and making use of growth hacking tools. These are some fundamental aspects you need to consider in order to stay relevant and stand out from your competition.

Provide your Clients with Assurance

Given the fact that there are 28.8 million small businesses just in the United States, you need to establish a recognizable brand in order to earn the trust of your target audience. Put simply, if they haven’t heard of you, your potential clients are likely to doubt your professional competence. So, what should you do if you are new on the market? In this case, you need to give your clients some sort of guarantee that you will stick to your contract and fulfill all your legal obligations. The experts at JWsurety Bonds point out that, if your company fails to round the job off, your client will be fully refunded. Now that they have nothing to lose in either case, the chances that they will hire you are much greater.

Don’t be Afraid of Failure

Even though it’s 2017, women constantly face numerous challenges when launching a company. First, the basic principles of doing business defined by men decades ago are still relevant. So, in order to be taken seriously, female entrepreneurs usually acquire these approaches as a guarantee of success. Second, gender biases often portray women as unable to lead a company. This statement is further supported by a survey showing that 94% of decision makers in venture capital companies are men.

It’s not surprising at all that a third of the female population would launch a company if it wasn’t for the fear of failing. Instead of giving up, remember that your accomplishments in the business world need to be paved with your previous mistakes. Should you find yourself in such an unfortunate situation, you need to simply dust yourself off and come up with your next business project. Who knows, maybe this one will become a huge success.

Balance your Private and Professional Life

Managing both your family and your company is never easy. In order to stay good at both segments of your life, you need to find a healthy balance between them. First, you have to leave your private life at your office door. This means not letting your personal problems affect your productivity, as well as introducing some boundaries between you and your coworkers. Second, in order to manage your time in advance and do your work more productively, you should make a schedule and stick to it. Finally, to be fully satisfied with what you do, never underestimate the importance of maintaining health


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