Ditching Toxic People In Your Business (And Life)


Running a business is not for everyone, and having a support network around you to get you through the tough times can certainly make a difference.  It is incredibly hard if you have someone who is constantly putting you down or judging your decisions.

When you are surrounded by toxicity, it’s hard to know if doubt you have is really yours or if it’s a reflection of a throwaway comment that someone has made because of their jealousy or pessimism.

Identifying a toxic person

It’s pretty easy to spot someone who is out to take you down. They are continually negative, unsupportive and very pessimistic about any choice or decision you make.

Comments like “Maybe you should get a job”, or “are you sure you’re doing the right thing” may be things you’ll hear.

It’s often unintentional, and at times they will make it come across as they are trying to help you, but in fact they are planting that seed of doubt.


Ditch the negative

A single seed of doubt can turn into a forest of self-destruction. If you’re constantly around the negativity then you might start believing their words.

If your ‘negative nancy’ is someone you can’t escape (and usually it is family), just don’t talk to those people about your business. If they bring it up, change the subject. Don’t give them an opportunity to be negative and if they press the issue continue to be positive regardless of how it really is.

Restore the energy

Surround yourself with people who inspire you, who lift you up and support you. People with nothing to gain or lose will help you through situations when you’re stuck in your business.

Find a mentor or a coach who is completely neutral and who can guide you through when you get stuck.

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