With the dawn of the internet and video conferencing, you’d think the need for written communication would have decreased in the work place. In fact, the opposite is true. Most people do most of their communication via the written word, so it’s vital that your writing is excellent. Here’s 10 hacks to help improve yours.

Know Your Audience

Even if you’re writing a quick email, know your audience. You need to understand who they are and what they need from you before you even get writing. If you can’t appeal to their wants or needs, they won’t want to read your communications.

Be Conversational

Look at how you’re writing to your audience. Are you giving them the hard sell? There’s no quicker way to turn them off then by trying too hard to sell to them. Instead, imagine you’re sitting across from them at a lunch meeting. Be relaxed and conversational. You’ll garner a lot more goodwill this way.

Don’t Forget The Technicalities

It’s not just the content of your writing that you need to check once you’re done writing it. You also need to ensure you’ve covered all the technical issues, too. That means making sure your length is reasonable, that all your sources are cited, and that not a comma is out of place. Again, there’s help out there online if you need it. Cite It In can create correct citations for you, and Easy Word Count will check the length.

Print Your Writing

When editing, print your work out and read it that way. The change in medium can help you spot errors you couldn’t see on the screen

Check Your Facts

If you’re including facts and figures in your writing, make sure that you’re getting them right. Nothing will look worse than you citing incorrect facts.

Use Professional Editing Services

Most jobs you can easily edit by yourself, but sometimes you have to bring out the big guns for the important job. If you’re unable to handle the editing job yourself, there’s plenty of services who you can trust to do it for you. Proofreading and editing services such as Boom Essays, Essay Writers and Essayroo can all help. They’ll polish up your writing and have it ready for you in no time.

Use Clear Language

In business, you’re not writing to entertain. That means you need to resist using overcomplicated or flowery language. Instead, be clear in what you’re saying, and be straightforward.

Avoid Jargon

In your day to day work, you may use jargon and buzzwords without thinking about it. However, your audience may well not know what these mean. If you find any in your writing, be sure to weed them out.

Be Coherent in Your Layout

However you lay your writing out, make sure it’s consistent. If your headlines and bullet points are all lined up properly, your writing will look better.

Improve Your Grammar

Good grammar is the cornerstone of every good piece of writing. Without it, your writing can appear sloppy and uncared for. That’s why it’s important to keep up to date with your grammar skills. If you’re looking for some help, or just need to look up a rule or two, then there’s lots of help online. Get started with Academized, or the Australian Help grammar guide.

Use these hacks when you’re working, and you’ll have excellent communications every time. You’ll get much more from interactions with both co-workers and customers alike. Give them a try and see for yourself.


Mary Walton is a professional editor and writer at Australian writing service Big Assignments. She helps various businesses with building content marketing strategies and increasing revenue via email marketing. .

Find Mary at: simplegrad.com

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