How much of your life, would you say, even over the past year, have you spent trying to figure your shit out?

Seriously now, hazard a guess for me –

If you added up all the time spent on your list –

(The adding to, the crossing off, the delegating, the re-ordering of it all; God the re-ordering!)

And you added in all of the time spent reading up on organisation and productivity –

And you chucked in the many conversations you’ve had bemoaning how much you’ve got to do and how you can POSSIBLY fit it all in –

As well as the time spent scouring forums, Facebook and blogs in case anybody else has the answer and it’s something you just need to LEARN –

And that’s not even thinking about the emotional energy and HEADACHE of having it all just hang OVER you all of the time –

Do you think there’s a chance – just a chance mind you! – that you could have accomplished a helluva lot more awesome shizzle if you hadn’t spend SO much of yourself trying to figure out how to accomplish a helluva lot of awesome shizzle???

It’s just a thought.

But now here’s an IDEA for you. A suggestion, if you will.

What if, instead of EVER AGAIN trying to figure out your shit and what shit mattered more than the other shit and what shit you need to do today or this week or this year or EVER you just, well, did some shit.

Some shit that matters to you now.

And you didn’t worry about all the other shit, the shit that, by definition, does NOT matter as much right now.

Don’t you think shit might get a lot easier? A lot simpler? A lot more straightforward?

But take it further –

Imagine if you did this not only today.

Or tomorrow.

But every day.

If all you did was get up, and ask yourself –


What matters to me, right now?

What TRULY matters?

What is the ONE THING I need to be doing right now?

Would that be so difficult?

The answer, of course, is yes. It very well might be. Because I don’t know about you, but when I start thinking about this sort of thing and HOW I would actually let it play out, my mind instantly goes into overdrive as I try and quickly run through what my big goals and visions are and what my highest values are and what I ‘actually’ need to do today as my ONE THING in order that I move CLOSER to my ultimate visions for myself and my life.

Seems … logical, right?

After all, you don’t want anything to get left out!

But how about this-

What if, the stuff that would get left out (because you’d forget about it or because it would just never be, in the moment, AS important as some of the other stuff), just didn’t ACTUALLY matter.

Enough, anyway.

What if, if everyday you just honoured your heart and your instincts in the moment and acted accordingly, you could actually live a life where EVERY FREAKING DAY feels awesome. Aligned. And MATTERS.

If I look at my goals and dreams and ‘big vision’ and decide for today what matters most, perhaps it’s furthering systems in my business and working on my books and clearing out some of the detritus currently slowing me down in my biz admin, and doing a big workout.

But if I act based on what just feels IMPORTANT right now today, I instead chuck it all in, go home early and take my daughter on a girls outing. Instead of giving myself my 4 hours of worktime I give myself 20 minutes to create a message, from the heart, for you, while eating breaky out with her. I just share what’s on my mind, about figuring stuff out and doing what matters, and I do it trusting that if I need to hear this today then maybe so do you, and that sharing THAT truth is going to perhaps further my message and my brand more than any so-called ‘work’ I could do.

You know?

I think that if we’re going to believe we can truly create a successful and profitable business being ourselves and acting from ALIGNMENT, then we need to be willing to TRUST in ourselves and act from GUT.

I mean really –

If you can’t trust in yourself and your own ability to know what you need to grow and to flourish, then what’s the point?

And really –

Where’s the ACTUAL alignment and operating from the heart?

Don’t get me wrong.

I think that if you’re learning about something brand new, for the first time, whether it be how to workout in a certain way or how to eat better or how to build your business and get known, then yes.

An action plan is EXTREMELY helfpul, necessary even.

But even then, how far do you need to take it?

When I first built my business online, I acted from the heart. I sort of figured stuff out on the fly if it came up as essential TO figure out. I also spent a helluva lot of time TRYING to figure stuff out and learn in advance what I would have to do; to be prepared.

That time was a COMPLETE waste of time. Maybe it made me feel better in some way AT the time, but did I need to do it?


If I look back over ANYTHING great I’ve accomplished, whether it be in business, in the gym, as a mother or in life in general, the BEST outcomes have been when I acted instinctively, often on the fly, often without warning, often OFF the plan if indeed I had one.

I’d go so far as to say I could have reached the business, income and personal heights I have now without ANY of the time I spent in planning, and probably a lot faster as well.

The hours, the days, the weeks, gosh if you add it up the YEARS I’ve spent in planning or trying to be prepared, or attending conferences to help me try and plan or be prepared, while it’s at times been fun and it’s allowed me to meet some cool people the REALITY of what it’s done is allowed me to believe it’s okay to procrastinate. It’s filled my mind and my life with INACTION.

The ACTION, oddly enough, comes from TAKING action.

And I believe that both you AND I have what it takes to trust WITHIN and to act accordingly, and that there is NOTHING you need to seek external to you that can overrule your natural judgement and intuition.

You KNOW what your message is.

You KNOW instinctively what you need to say.

You know how to make a DIFFERENCE.

And you God damn well know what matters to you today, in this moment, and whether the way you’re choosing to live today allows you to DO what actually matters or whether you’re caught up in doing what you think you need to in order to somehow, someway, get to what matters.

Guess what?

You don’t create something that truly matters in the long run by ignoring what matters in the now. It just can’t work that way!

So, a challenge for you for today. For both of us.

You want to feel ‘safe’ that you’re moving forward and getting shit done and not forgetting shit? I get it. Me too. But what if, instead of living every day according to the check-ins and the list and the ‘musts’, we gave ourselves just an hour a day to be that person. Or a day a week. Whatever feels safe for you NOW.

And then what if, the rest of the time, you just –

Got up.

Decided what mattered.

Did it.


Do you think you’d figure some shit out along the way?

Let go of some shit?

Learn how to be YOU?

Live a life you actually LOVE?

Anything’s possible, right?

But only if you make it matter 😉

Remember –

Life is Now. Press Play.


Kat Loterzo is an author, speaker and entrepreneur and would love to KICK YOUR ASS INTO ALIGNMENT and help you truly press PLAY on the business and life you were born for. Kat works with DRIVEN women who want it all, now, and are willing to go out and GET it all.

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