Have you ever felt like if you’re not working on your business, you’re not doing enough? After you’re done working for the day, do you struggle stopping the business mind chatter and be truly present in your life outside of work?

Fellow lady boss, you are not alone!

It’s no wonder female entrepreneurs are constantly burnt out with these common thoughts. After interviewing many woman entrepreneurs on this topic, those were two most common thoughts women struggled with in their business. That their best effort in their business, was not enough and that they literally couldn’t stop thinking about their businesses. One woman told me she thinks about it everywhere, while driving and grocery shopping. She even thinks about it so much she dreams about it too.

Crazy right?! Honesty though, most of us are guilty of these thoughts to some degree.

We’re told strong masculine energy will get us the clients and bring in the dough. That the harder and longer you work, success will come. While yes, there is a fine line between healthy hustling and working non-stop. I’ve found that working non-stop leaves us on empty and with little left to give our business and clients. It also leaves us empty in our personal life outside our business.

I found that prioritizing yourself is the magic key to finding more balance between life + biz. In other words, prioritising yourself as much as your prioritise your business. As a entrepreneur, you are your business and brand. If you’re overworked or have no life outside of work; that burnt out energy will find a way to reflect in your biz. Your clients and potential clients can feel that energy. What if that burnt out energy actually repealed clients from working with you?! Eeek!

So how do we shift this energy, so that we can find balance in our business AND our lives? Here’s 2 simple things you can start doing immediately to save your sanity and make more money.




 Create strong boundaries around work hours.

Make a promise, that you’ll stick to these timelines. View these boundaries as a commitment to taking care of yourself. To take this even further, think of your benefits for being well rested and having a beautiful life outside of your business. Here are common benefits of creating boundaries around your work hours:

You feel at ease knowing that the work day actually has an end and you can turn off. When you are at work, it’s more focused. More focused energy= more creativity=better marketing= more clients. You can’t afford not to take care of yourself first, as a business owner!

What are your benefits for creating strict work hours? How will that positively effect your business? Use these reasons as your motivation when you feel that urge to resist your commitment to your work hours.

Make non-work hours your absolute non-negotiable.

If you are “clocking out” at your promised end work time; yet you’re still obsessing over how to grow your biz on your time off, then you’re not really off work. Promise to check out of work mentally so your business mind chatter leaves the moment you leave your office space. This allows you to be more present in your off time, have fun and feel more rested.

So there you have it, the 2 simple things you can start doing immediately to start switching off business mode, save your sanity and make more money.


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