Roooar community is a virtual (ethical) diamond mine of smarts. The Roooar Room is a haven for established business women around the globe join forces and share their experience, knowledge, and have access to education and connection. You’ll have access to leading experts, quality resources, group coach calls and live virtual co-working.

Tempered with compassion and the sheer will to build a platform that helps all business women rise, the Roooar family means no dreams aren’t coming true. You don’t have to do it alone anymore.

Roooar is here so you can design and construct a business on your terms.

Proud. Loud.

Since time immemorial we’ve known we’re stronger together.

Why Did We Forget?

Imagine a place where you can get support, guidance,
a blast of inspiration, a solid lift of motivation.

All at the end of your fingertips.


The kind of extended family you’d wish for – successful, real business women who’ve walked a similar path to you. Ready to share their stories, give grounding advice, and always encourage you to dream big.


Join our Roooar Room Mastermind Pods and get access to a call each 3rd week of the month for your pod’s calls.

Each call is help in an intimate and supportive environment.


Are you missing the water cooler chat? With scheduled live online co-working spaces you can join in sessions, have a chat, ask for advice, or just have some online company.

Fluffy slippers are welcome.


Each month we’ll deliver you access to experts, change makers, and rule breakers via live Masterclasses. You’ll gain invaluable insight and be able to ask the questions you really need answers to from someone who’s killing it in their industry.


Because you need a plan. You are sick of going around in circles not knowing which way is up. Join us for The Stay Accountable Program, a planning and accountability party with punch.

Stop the never-ending cycle of to-do lists and start creating ‘done’ lists.


We love to shout our members’ names and achievements from the roof top. Our community gets awesome benefits of the member directory; an online home where the public can find you and you can access uber cheaps advertising in Roooar (and get shout outs via social media and our Roooar newsletter)

I want to tell you how business-changing it is being part of the Roooar membership community but, on the other hand, it’s like that one picnic spot looking over the city that hardly anyone else seems to know about – you just want to selfishly keep it a secret.

And Roooar is more than a community – it seems like an ever-expanding, bottomless resource, magic pudding of a platform where women in business can access exemplary education and resources, accountability and action plans, and the keep-you-sane connections you lose when you back yourself and go solo.

What I’ve found different from being an active participant in other online communities is the fact Roooar is set up for businesswomen who aren’t necessarily in startup mode. It isn’t consistent, feed-spamming chatter but when I have a serious question and I need a seriously researched answer or advice from a woman who has done it before – Roooar is where I ask.

For a group full of women, it’s refreshingly non-competitive, mood-liftingly encouraging, and always, always honest. It’s unlike any other businesswomen’s group online.

Jay Crisp Crow

The Roooar Room Includes

+ The Roooar Room – Online Community
+ Monthly Mastermind
+ Weekly Online Co-Working
+ Monthly Masterclasses
+ Back Catalogue of Roooar Magazine
+ 30 % Discount Advertising & Products
+ Community Only Promo Opportunities
+ Get Found – Online Directory
+ 2 Months FREE – Annual Memberships
+ Access to The Stay Accountable Program

I joined The Roooar Room because of the incredible value and networking opportunities it has to offer. I am thrilled with the amount of support and friendship in the group. I had no idea how powerful it would be to connect with a savvy group of women entrepreneurs online.

Bianca McKenzie



We’ve earned our voice

I have been a subscriber of ROOOAR magazine since almost the beginning. It is all killer, no filler – each article and every little bit of content sheds a light on parts of my business that feels uncertain to me – I always finish it feeling better about where I am at and what I can do next…all for nada. Between this and my Roooar Room membership I am totally taken care of when it comes to navigating the tricky waters of biz ownership.It’s scary but not so scary when there are women who have your back.

Lauren White

Roooar is the BEST investment that I make in my business every year, hands down. This is the warmest, most helpful community on the internet. The fact that most of the women in this community have stuck together for years, says a lot about how much value we get from coming together & supporting each other. The weekly co-working sessions are my favourite thing in my week. It’s great to come together & power through some work, instead of sitting alone in my office trying to drum up some motivation. The support I get from Roooar is better than I’ve had from programs and communities that I’ve (foolishly) paid 10x more for. You won’t regret joining this group of amazing entrepreneurs.
Alyssa Martin

I joined the Roooar Room 6 months ago and from the very start got SO MUCH VALUE out of the membership! All useful things I could apply to my business to make my systems & processes run more efficiently, get more sales, get more organised…SO MUCH GOODNESS. It’s a community full of established and supportive business owners, and I couldn’t be happier to be a part of this slice of heaven!

Diana Todd

Balance Tax

There’s a place at the table. Here’s why you’ll want to pull up a chair

We’ve saved you a seat

Building your business can feel lonely, you go from a corporate environment to working from home (in your ‘yoga’ pants) in one hit. And that can be a culture shock. Where did all the people go in your life that you could speak about your work and get advice from? Now it’s just you and your thoughts. And your self-doubting voice can be loud.

How many times are you catching yourself checking out the competition? How many times has that comparisonitis stopped you in mid-flight, suddenly thinking you may not have it in you?

To combat this you need a team. A collective of women on a similar journey brought together in a place as comfortable as home. Where open and honest conversations are the norm and education and resources are on tap.


You’ll have the entire clan behind you. Our crew becomes your crew, and this is the kind of kin you can both rely on and collaborate with.

Working at home can be a lonely business but with The Roooar Room I can tap into a virtual community whenever I need it. Whether you’re sharing problems, successes, concerns or questions the other members are super speedy into their responses. It’s a positive, intelligent environment where I never worry about being honest or asking for help. I highly recommend it for any business types looking to reach out, make connections, brainstorm, and occasionally find an understanding online shoulder to cry on.

Kate Toon

Even though we’re powerhouse, booty kicking, profit building, brand slaying priestesses…

we’re still women… and we love a good deal!


2 Months Free

Got Questions?


Of course, we have women from all different stages in business. This is what makes it special as a community, being able to learn from those around us as well as an industry leader.


Once you sign up we will send you all the details on how to login and get starting in The Roooar Room.


Click here and choose if you want to sign up monthly or annually. If you become and annual member you get 2 months free!


Sure, the choice is yours. Although we hope that you love it so much that it’s never a question.

As a member of The Roooar Room, I’ve seen numerous connections created – new work been gained, new collaborations formed, new projects brought to life and many entrepreneurial women grow and expand beyond their wildest dreams. The Dream Big Community supports and guides us like-minded tribe of women to success. It’s the place I visit every day.

Natasha Gilmour

When you finally admit that you can’t (and simply don’t have to) go it alone, this is the perfect place to land. The women here are generous, supportive and a little bit cheeky which makes reaching out for help and high fives so much more fun. This is my go-to group when I want to tap into a community of like mindedsouls who are going after what they really want in business.

Natasha Vanzetti