Roooar is the BEST investment that I make in my business every year, hands down. This is the warmest, most helpful community on the internet. The fact that most of the women in this community have stuck together for years, says a lot about how much value we get from coming together & supporting each other. The weekly co-working sessions are my favourite thing in my week. It’s great to come together & power through some work, instead of sitting alone in my office trying to drum up some motivation. The support I get from Roooar is better than I’ve had from programs and communities that I’ve (foolishly) paid 10x more for. You won’t regret joining this group of amazing entrepreneurs.


Alyssa Martin

I joined The Roooar Room because of the incredible value and networking opportunities it has to offer. I am thrilled with the amount of support and friendship in the group. I had no idea how powerful it would be to connect with a savvy group of women entrepreneurs online.

Bianca McKenzie