The Winning Parts of Facebook Ads Success

WRITTEN BY:Bianca McKenzie

There are many ways to run Facebook Ads and most of them are valid ways to run your Facebook ads, but I still see a lot of you leaving money on the table.

You see, it’s not that your ads aren’t successful because most of you will be getting something out of it, whether it be data to help you with future advertising, vanity metrics like page likes or actual useful metrics such as opt-in conversions.

All of the above are results, but often you’ll complain because you didn’t get any sales from your ads campaigns and because you didn’t get any sales, your campaign is a failure in your eyes.

You know why you didn’t get any sales? Because you’re using the wrong strategy or you’re failing to see all the puzzle pieces that contribute to your Facebook Ads success.

The success of your Facebook ads isn’t just in the targeting, the pixels, the copy, the images.

No. It goes much deeper than that.

So much of the success of your Facebook ads (if you’re talking in terms of sales conversions) depends on what happens OUTSIDE of Facebook.

Most of my clients see big results when all the puzzle pieces are in place and of high standards.

What are those puzzle pieces you ask?

I’m talking about the ‘external parts’ of your sales funnel such as your opt-in page design, your landing page design, your opt-in offer, your email sequences, having the right call to action, having the right copy on your opt-in or landing pages, and even the steps in your ‘sales funnel’, etc.

All of those puzzle pieces are formed and formulated by knowing your ideal client intimately. You should know them so well, you could tell what they have for breakfast every day or what colour their toothbrush is.

Only when you know your ideal client inside out, and know what they want, what they feel attracted to, how they speak and how they make purchasing decisions, can you start focusing on Facebook ads AND get results.

Start talking to your ideal client today.

Create what they love tomorrow.

Refine it.

Advertise next week.

Until you have all the right puzzle pieces in place, you will continue to leave money on the table.


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